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Ayur Yogic Massage, Ayur Balance, Indian head, Neck & Shoulders Massage & Reiki sessions with Jocasta Crofts, based in Clifton, Bristol.

Massage Therapist Clifton

Hello & Welcome to my website, Moving massage, Bristol

As an experienced bodywork practitioner, mover and teacher in the Somatic Arts, I’d like to offer you my intuition, care and love of the body, through my work. I give bodywork sessions in Ayur Yogic massage, Ayur Balance massage, Indian head, neck & shoulders massage and Reiki. The Ayur yogic massage is invigorating, unlocking stuck stiff muscles and encouraging healthy bloody circulation. The Ayur Balance massage is a slow deep tissue massage to help you release, unwind and relax. This whole body massages lasts at least an hour and a half. These massages are a real treat, especially for anyone who is in a physical profession or anyone who works hard long hours, finding it hard to let go. The Indian head, neck & shoulders will unlock tension and bring you into a very restful state of mind. Reiki can be very soothing for emotional upset or reconnecting to your spiritual body. It’s about allowing time to stop, just BE and receive the Reiki energy the flows through my hands.

My banner photo is of the long white sandy beach in North Goa, India. All the trainings that I have done were done either on this magical beach in Goa, or just a few steps from it. I like to imagine that the healing magic of Goa is here with me when ever I’m giving a session.

I hope this website gives you a taste of the ways in which I work with the body with a listening touch. If you are looking to receive a bodywork session, you can find out more here and also, how what I offer, can benefit you. If you have a question, you may find your answer on my general information and FAQ page – just click the FAQ button. Also, please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions you might have in connection with the bodywork sessions that I offer, or any questions which are more concerned with your state of health or physical well being. I am here to help if I can and I’m open to listening even if I don’t know how to help.

It makes me happy to see people really let go and release through my touch. Let go and let life in.

Remember, touch is a basic human need, and nurturing touch is fundamental to our well being. I’m here to help you reconnect, discover and enjoy being relaxed and comfortable in your body.

My work is based in Clifton, Bristol.